Chris Huck ADR

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services for the 
Construction Industry


Mediation is a non-binding and fairly informal settlement process where parties and their counsel make compact presentations to the mutually selected mediator. Mediation is non-adversarial, and the mediator functions solely as a neutral settlement facilitator. The decision-making authority rests exclusively with the parties.

The parties typically submit brief mediation statements in advance of the scheduled mediation date.  On the day of the mediation, the mediator begins with a joint session -- all of the parties in one room.  After that, the parties are broken out into separate rooms, and the mediator meets with each of the parties privately, discussing the facts of the case and both the mediator’s and the parties’ perceptions of relative strengths and weaknesses. In an effort to build consensus for a settlement, the mediator may suggest settlement options or structures which seem reasonable based on his observations and experience.  The mediator also assists the negotiation by communicating settlement offers.

Neutral Case Evaluation

Neutral case evaluation is a process in which a neutral case evaluator reviews the merits of a dispute, or one or more particular aspects of the dispute, and provides the parties with a reasoned but non-binding opinion as to the outcome if it is litigated to conclusion.  This opinion can then be used by the parties to advance their settlement negotiations, either on their own or with the assistance of a mediator (who is often the same person used as the case evaluator). This process can be particularly helpful in cases where the parties have different views on issues that all parties deem to be critical with regard to determining the ultimate outcome of the case.  


Arbitration is the submission of a dispute to an impartial neutral for a final and binding decision.  Chris Huck serves on the Panel of Neutrals for the American Arbitration Association ("AAA"), and his work as an Arbitrator is performed exclusively through the AAA.